Sunday, January 11, 2009

The amazing generosity of crafters

Our school's foundation holds an auction every year to raise money to help pay for our librarian, after school sports, band and other programs that have otherwise been slashed from our dwindling budgets.

You may know that I have a store on etsy.  As a vendor, I was recently contacted by a local mom who was soliciting for donations for her own school's auction. I'm very happy to send her some cards to help with her efforts and, after thinking and consulting with our own auction coordinators, I contacted some of the etsy sellers whose work I most admire (looking first to local vendors but not limiting myself by geography) and gave them a really low-key pitch (I know that you can't contribute to every cause that comes along).

The response has been wonderful and gratifying! The etsy community of crafters is such a generous and supportive group.

So far, I have contributions coming from these wonderful people:

I'll keep this list updated if I hear from any more people. I'm just so pleased with the response I've gotten already. oh franssom! is actually making a quilt for us! (she attended a Portland public school and her mother was a school librarian, so she was very supportive)

Please, check out the wonderful stores of these generous donors by clicking on the links above!

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